District 15

District 15  serves Southwestern Missouri,Kansas,Oklahoma,Western Arkansas,and Northern Texas.  It is comprised of  the following 8 units.

101-Southwest Missouri131-Kansas City
132-Kansas State158-Tulsa
167-Sooner210-Top of Texas
234-Northeast Kansas247-Western Arkansas

Meet your ACBL President

Meet Phyllis Harlan, ACBL President. Phyllis Harlan vividly remembers the first time she played duplicate bridge. It was December 1972. She and her husband, Bill, were invited by a couple of friends to try duplicate and they went to a club in their home town,Oklahoma City OK.Harlan was terrified. “I was shaking so hard I had to hold my hands under the table,”she recalls. Despite the frightening night,Harlan says,she stuck with it because if she didn’t,“I knew I was going to be the equivalent of a golf widow because Bill instantly loved it.” Fortunately,the nerves left her shortly thereafter when she and Bill played in and won a newcomer game at a regional in their home town. Over the 41 years since that introduction,Harlan has earned a reputation as an exceptionally hard worker,a trait recognized by her colleagues on the ACBL Board of Directors. Earlier this week,Harlan was elected without opposition to be the 2014 ACBL President. Harlan came to the board in 2004 after doing practically every bridge-related job there was in District 15. In fact,the service started during the tournament at which they won the newcomer game. She and Bill were sitting and talking at the hotel when a group of players nearby invited them to set up a bar. It’s been non-stop for the Harlans ever since. Among her many contributions,she has served on her unit and district boards and was district president twice. Harlan joined the board after filling in for former District 15 Director Virgil Anderson,who missed four of six meetings over a two-year period because of illness. Harlan was second alternate when Anderson became ill,and the first alternate didn’t want to take over for him. She had not planned to run for ACBL president but Harlan was urged to do so by several members of the current board. “I’m a worker,”she says. “I think the board members appreciate that fact.”Harlan says her devotion to the game comes in part from the pleasure she has experienced since that nerve-wracking first night. “You get acquainted with people from all over,”she says,“and make a lot of lifelong friends.”Harlan recalls making Life Master in 1976 at the regional in Mexico City. “We beat George Rosenkranz’s team in the Swiss,”she recalls. “That was our shining moment of glory.”Harlan is now a Gold Life Master with nearly 2800 masterpoints. Harlan will travel extensively when she starts her term as president on Jan. 1 and she has messages she wants to take to the ACBL membership at large. “I believe strongly that our growth comes from clubs and teachers,”she says. “I want to learn their best practices and share their successes with other clubs and teachers to help them do their jobs in the best possible way.”Harlan also plans to come up with ways of recognizing the contributions and hard work of ACBL’s tournament directors. “I want to show the directors that we appreciate them,”she says. It’s also important, she says,to make sure everyone who plays bridge has a good time,regardless of expertise or experience. “I feel strongly about the social aspects of bridge,”she says. “I want to bring back fun and prove that we are truly an extended family.”Harlan believes the future of the game is bright and that the ACBL is good hands with current management. “We have an excellent CEO,”she says of Robert Hartman,“and a fantastic staff. They are really service oriented.”