Bella Vista Sectional and Non-Lifemaster Regional

We exhausted all available space in the auditorium (above) and had to move one section into an adjac


The annual Bella Vista Bridge Tournament was a terrific success.   

After setting new records for attendance in 2017, Tournament Chair Bob Gromatka pulled out all the stops and set the bar even higher in 2018; reaching 276.5 tables in play. That was a 

14% increase in attendance. The average daily attendance was 110 tables.

Our non-Life Masters were the ones who really boosted the total attendance numbers. They averaged 32 tables per session for Friday and Saturday play. That exceeded the average Gold Rush table counts of all four of District 15 Regionals and all NLM Regionals in D-15.

Lily and Paul Chan topped the field with an impressive 77.22% game. Way to go Lily and Paul!



At the Atlanta NABC, the ACBL Board increased the Master Point awards for Sectionals that are run concurrent with a NLM Regional. As a result, some of our Sectional players raked in some pretty hefty Master Point totals, as shown here:

1 60.61 John Jennings, Rogers AR

2 48.10 Joe Scott, Rogers AR

3 46.63 Marina Scott, Rogers AR

4 43.73 Paul Chan, Columbia MO

5 43.73 Lily Chan, Columbia MO

Players have ranked NW Arkansas as the best tournament they have ever attended.


Last year, they awarded the Hospitality a 100% rating; besting all other ACBL tournaments. 

Post-tournament ratings this year are all chart-toppers:

• Great reputation (36%) This was the most important factor players gave for attending.

• Registration Desk 92%

• Prize Desk 86.5%

• Partnership Desk 100%

• Overall hospitality 96.5%

• Playing Site 100%

• Food & Beverages 100%

• Overall Recommendation 91.3% (YES), 8.7% (MAYBE) and 0% (NO)

• Hotel Experiences 75%

Planning has already started on the August 1-4, 2019 tournament. We all wonder what magical rabbit, our Tournament Staff will pull out of their bag for 2019.

Chairman Gromatka invited ACBL columnist Karen Walker to present a Bridge Workshop.



A special game was held on Thursday evening.  

Workshop attendee Richard Holzman, Olathe, 

had the special privilege of partnering with ACBL columnist and Bridge Teacher, Karen Walker. 

Bridge Workshop attendees listen intently as Karen Walker discusses Competitive Bidding.


The positive response was overwhelming. There were 74 players who came a day early to participate in the Workshop. The enormous praise for Karen and for the two-session Workshop was very gratifying.

The 26 tables in play on Thursday evening are not counted in the record-setting tournament table count.